Deep Cleaning

You may be wondering what we mean by a ‘deep clean.’ Simply put, a deep clean is a standard clean where we go that bit further. 

Rather than a standard clean, it is more of an extensive clean of your rented property, home or office. In other words, there is a lot more attention to detail in a deep clean

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Industrial Cleaning

Getting to grips with hard to reach areas

It means, for instance, rubbing down and cleaning neglected or hard to reach areas of a property, such as the top of cupboards and ceiling cornices. Anything inside the house or apartment that can be reached with a stool or step-ladder will be hand-wiped.  As you can imagine, a deep clean also improves the overall sanity of the interior. 

Here at Norwich Cleaning Services, we always provide a deep clean for every new customer before going on to supply regular cleaning as standard. A deep clean may then come up every few months or so to ensure no grime is allowed to build up in hard-to-reach areas.

What's Involved With A Deep Clean

To make what is involved in a deep clean clearer for you, we have listed some of the additional measures that we carry out below.

  • Scrubbing tile grout 
  • Sanitising shower doors
  • Scrubbing and disinfecting sinks
  • Cleaning inside of cooker hoods
  • Knick knacks individually wiped 
  • Vents dusted
  • Wiping down lampshades and lights 
  • Wiping down window sills and door frames
  • Vacuuming furniture and upholstery 
  • Plumping up cushions 
  • Cleaning glass tables
  • Checking doors and windows for finger smudges