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They get so much traffic every day - both from clients and staff - that it’s not surprising that your commercial carpets become dirty and rather grubby looking on a regular basis. And that’s without anything being spilt on them. 

If there are stains as well then this will obviously reflect badly on your organisation. Keeping on top of your carpets is a must for any business – regardless of which sector you happen to be in.

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Carpet cleaning as part of your contract or a one-off

Having a grimy carpet isn’t a great look for any professional office, shop, hairdresser or GP surgery etc. That’s why, here at Norwich Cleaning Services, we recommend a deep clean of your carpets, in addition to routine vacuuming. 

This can be a regular service as part of your general commercial cleaning contract or a one-off carpet cleaning service performed every few months or so.

With a carpet clean, spot and stain removal are standard. You can also have a choice of deodorant. We tend to price a carpet clean based on size, with a standard price per square metre. Depending on the type of fabric of the carpet, we may use a modern hot water extraction cleaning system or one which uses low moisture.

To request a quote or learn more about how we could help, call 01603670552 or email [email protected].

Fast-drying technology ensures minimal disruption

Of course, having a carpet deep clean usually means there can’t be anyone around at the time, which is why our staff are happy to work in the evenings or weekends to accommodate your own business arrangements. 

That way, you don’t have to disrupt your business to have your carpets cleaned. Despite this, using professional hot vacuum air-drying equipment means we are able to keep carpet drying time to a minimum.

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